Rick Broniec – Professional Speaker

In recognition for his many years of working passionately to help businesses and individuals develop strong relationships, Rick Broniec was recently presented with a Circle of Honor award by The ManKind Project.

For Immediate Release – Vista, CA November 4, 2015:

Since leaving his teaching career Rick Broniec, now known as the Vibrant Relationships Guy, has built a professional career taking businesses and individuals on journeys to transform their lives and their relationships. His unique take on fostering strong, healthy vibrant relationships in the workplace and at home has left a mark on those who have heard him speak or attended his training. In recognition of his ongoing, world-wide effort to help others live a passionate, purposeful life by building vibrant relationships, Broniec recently received a Circle of Honor award from the ManKind Project (MKP) at the World Elder Gathering (WEG) in Hawaii.

Teacher turned professional speaker Rick Broniec has a long list of achievements to his name, but his most recent is, perhaps, the most impressive. A few weeks ago, his contributions as a training leader and motivational speaker were highlighted by an international men’s organization known as the ManKind Project. Over the years, the nonprofit organization has given the Circle of Honor Award (its version of a lifetime achievement award) to only ten recipients. Now, Broniec — otherwise referred to as the Vibrant Relationships Guy — is one of the distinguished names on this brief list of Circle of Honor Award winners.

The Circle of Honor Award is the culmination of years of work with the ManKind Project. As a ManKind Project leader and trainer, Broniec strives to change society’s perception of “manliness” and move beyond rigid stereotypes surrounding macho men, sensitive guys, and other narrow visions of masculinity.

The World Elder Gathering and the Seven Generations:

Broniec’s recent trip to Hawaii was certainly a busy one, for, in addition to receiving the ManKind Project’s Circle of Honor Award, he spoke at the World Elder Gathering (WEG). This annual meeting features several of the world’s most distinguished elders, who gather together to share the valuable insight they’ve gained over the years in service to changing the planet in a positive way.

Maintaining Vibrant Relationships:

Hawaii is just one of several regions Broniec has had the opportunity to visit while helping his workshops’ attendees build strong relationships and improve their outlook on life. His motivational speaking career spans several decades and a vast array of audiences. In addition to his appearance at the World Elder Gathering, he has spoken at a variety of corporate events, non-profit gatherings, schools, and in several other settings on four continents and nine countries. His talks cover a wide range of topics, including everything from multicultural awareness to the power of crafting a mission of service. As he recently explained during a Business Innovators interview, “Once a person has a mission, there’s nothing stopping him or her from becoming the man or woman they were meant to be on this planet. I have a very strong belief that all of us are meant to be here, to be of service in some way.”

E. For Rick Himself:
Just a quick note to thank you for your presence in Houston this past week. You are an inspiration to me of what MKP is really all about. I got an inside view into just how much you have been through to get the leader trainer material for our organization up and running and out on the road. I see you having to manage many difficult conversations. I also enjoyed hearing your story and getting to know you socially and also appreciate your support…. After all that had transpired it was very important to me personally to receive the insights and wisdom of leaders such as yourself.
Michael, London, England

This is an exciting time for Broniec, who plans to continue to spread the powerful message that has earned him a Circle of Honor Award. His next big destination is Johannesburg, South Africa where he will further discuss the Seven Generations and the power of passing down healed family stories to the next seven generations.