Three Key Questions!

IMG_2894Greetings My Friends!  I have been contemplating three key questions to ask myself that really probe if I’m living the life you were meant to live- or BSing myself.  They are:

1. Am I Living FULLY?  Am I engaged with life- on good days and not so good days?  Am I fully present for people I interact with?  Not just my loved ones, but everyone- the clerk at the grocery store?  The cabbie? And so on. Am I truly aware of my feelings, no matter what I’m feeling?  Am I tuned into my cognitive process?  Am I paying attention to my behaviors and their impacts on others?

Am I taking good care of my body, mind and soul?  Do I look for ways to connecdt with people and experience life more fully? Am I living a full life?

2. Am I Loving Deeply?  Do I feel my love for myself, for my loved ones and my friends- as deeply as I can?  Do I let myself love the strangers I meet each day?  Am I willing to risk fully engaging my heart?  Do I take time to notice the beauty in every person..and ‘fall in  love’ with them and their energy and preciousness?

Just as important, do I love my life?  Am I grateful for the opportunities I have been gifted with?  Do I appreciate the challenges I have been given (And, like you, there are LOTS of them!) Do I love my higher power and express that each day?  Am I loving deeply?

3. Am I Making a Difference? Am I clear on my Mission?  Do I have a deep sense of my purpose? Do I know why I am on this planet and what I can do serve? Do I dedicate myself each day to living that Mission/Purpose more fully on the planet?    Am I fully expressing my Gold to people I interact with- no matter what? Do I notice opportunities to support, care for and love people I come into contact with every day?  In other words, am I becoming the man I was meant to be?  The man, father, grandfather, friend, lover, speaker, writer and soul my God intended for me to be?  Am I making a difference?


These are three critical questions I ask myself EVERY DAY.  They help keep me aligned with my Mission and Purpose.  They remind me of why I am alive.  And they give me direction.

Just last weekend, I had the pleasure of leading the 20th Midwest Annual Father/Daughter Weekend.  What a huge joy to be with 30 dads and daughters as we loved each other up!  I watched daughters step into their leadership in profound and beautiful ways.  I saw dads radiating their love and appreciation for their daughters all weekend.  And I witnessed amazing sharing in circles and in the ‘love letters’ that dads and daughters wrote to each other.  Truly inspiring!  By leading this experience (and so many other just like it!) I am consciously living my Golden Mission, which is to Create a Passionately Loving and Peaceful Planet by Leading Safe, Sacred, Diverse Healing Circles. (And I get to do this again next weekend at the First Annual Northern California Father/Daughter Weekend!  What ab gift!)

I KNOW I lived fully, loved deeply and made a difference at that event, because I experienced deep joy and connection all weekend!  I want every person on the planet to feel that same aliveness, love, connection and sense of purpose that I gratefully experienced last weekend!  And I will work towards exactly that for the remainder of my life!

Thanks to my readers for also living fully, loving deeply and making a difference in your lives!  Together, we are changIMG_2894 the world!

About Rick Broniec

Rick Broniec, MEd. is a professional Keynote speaker, writer, coach and transformational workshop facilitator. He is an active member of the National Speakers Association. Rick taught International Baccalaureate Chemistry in an urban public high school for 35 years and is recognized as a “Master Teacher” through entry in the SE Wisconsin Educator’s Hall of Fame. Rick has been honored with a number of national awards, including The Presidential Award for Excellence (from President Ronald Reagan), the Kohl Award and the Tandy Award. In addition, Rick has worked in the leadership training and personal growth field for more than 30 years as an author, speaker, workshop leader, leader trainer and multicultural awareness trainer. Rick is certified as a Full Leader and Leader Trainer for the ManKind Project International (MKPI) since 1992, leading well over 160 trainings for that not-for-profit men’s organization. Rick is also a leader in multicultural work for MKPI and has lead over 40 Multicultural Awareness Workshops around the globe. Rick has recently published his first book, “A Passionate Life: 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Passion, Purpose and Joy” (available in hard copy or on Kindle). His second book: "The Seven Generations Story: An Incentive for Healing Yourself, Your Family and the Planet" was published in April, 2015. Rick resides in Vista, CA. He is the father of three wonderful daughters and the grandfather of three spectacular granddaughters, his greatest teachers. When Rick is not working, he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, camping, golfing and reading voraciously.