Seven Generations Workshop

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The Seven Generations Workshop: Investigating Your Family Stories

This powerful and transformative workshop will focus on learning and practicing the wonderful and effective tools outlines in Rick’s latest book, The Seven Generations Story: An Incentive to Heal Yourself, Your Family and the Planet. (Available on Amazon and Kindle)


In this five hour workshop you will learn:

1. The power of the Native American Story of the Seven Generations and how it relates to you and your family heritage.

2. How your genetics can be altered by doing your personal healing work- so it can be passed onto succeeding generations.

3. How your family stories/heritage is passed down from generation to generation, perpetuating family issues such as alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual abuse and mental illness.

4. How great traits are also passed on in your familial lineage.

5. Learn and Work with the Five Tools for Healing Rick Recommends & has Employed for 30 years:

  • Dedication to a Daily Practice
  • Active Participation in Support Groups- Including how to give and receive effective feedback.
  • Shadow Mining
  • Transformative Process Work
  • Living Fully in Mission


Coming soon- in April, 2016 in Escondido, CA